banana notebook recycled
A6 Hand bound Notebooks
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A6 Banana Fibre and Rag Recycled Notebook


A6 recycled notebook

The first in the new 2017 line of Camel Winter luxury stationery is an exploration of recycled materials. Each notebook is entirely hand made using traditional book binding methods in the Camel Winter micro bindery. The materials have been chosen first and foremost for their quality, a play of colour, texture, and to develop a pleasant patina with use. Each book will open flat making with a yapp edge to help protect your notes, doodles, and ideas.

Handbound recycled paper notebook


Tue-Mouche Binding, using a pale blue Vintage Swedish linen thread.


64 hand cut and sewn pages of Lambeth Cartridge Paper, 130gsm Acid free.


170 gsm Colorplan Pale Grey endpapers with embossed Camel Winter logo


210 gsm handmade paper made from 100% long fibred cotton rag and banana waste fibre. The cotton raw material is sourced from T-shirt cuttings. Internally sized with neutral pH size,  and acid free, in a smooth lightly textured finish.

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banana notebook recycled
A6 hand bound recycled notebook open
A6 notebook by book binder Camel Winter
A6 Recycled Camel Winter Journal
A6 Hand Made Recycled notebook
A6 Camel Winter notebook banana paper